Scott Draft
I might not have been born creative but I sure started early.
Over the past 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work on incredible art, design and experiential projects. These wide spread experiences have built the foundation for the work I do today. Growing up in small business I learned about customer service and the hard work people put in to keep their dreams alive. College taught me design aesthetic and color theory; but also taught me that there are times to break the rules. In the years since I graduated college I have pushed to immerse myself in design. With a team or working as a lone wolf I have designed campaigns, produced videos, coded websites and created strategies to increase Brand Recognition and ROI for businesses that needed it.
In my spare time, I just like to create. I work in various media; drawing, painting, screen printing and digital video. My practice revolves around ruminations on the human condition as it pertains to memory in the digital age. These feelings can be invoked through the use of collage, bold rhythmic color juxtaposition and the use of non-traditional media in the work.